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Illustration, Portraiture, Animation

 Year: 2017


Rebecca was Amnesty International's 2017 Write For Rights campaign artist, following in the footsteps of 2016 artist Ai Wei Wei. The project involved creating a series of portraits, illustrations, and animations for Amnesty's global multi-platform 2017 Write For Rights Campaign, which seeks to helps human rights defenders around the world by sharing their stories. 18 portraits, 2 animations, and dozens of individual illustrated design assets were created for the project. Read about the primary cases on Amnesty's website.


The project took several months to complete. It was used as part of a huge campaign in dozens of countries, spanning many media. The artwork was printed on billboards, projected large-scale on buildings, printed on hundreds of shirts, printed on smaller flyers and postcards, used as the cover of Amnesty International's global magazine, used on various social media platforms by global and local Amnesty groups, used for Amnesty's website, used for events large and small around the world promoting 2017's Write For Rights, used to teach children in classrooms, and much more.


Write For Rights Main Branding Animation

Write For Rights Main Branding Animation

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